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Create Convincing Maps for your Research and Teaching

September 30, 10:00 - 17:00

Creating maps and visualizing spatial data can be done quite easily today. The workshop shows how to create different kinds of maps that can be used as illustrations for your research, conference papers, or lecture slides for teaching. We will work with QGIS, an OpenSource, fully functional GIS software with sophisticated tools for map design.

The workshop will show how to create different kinds of maps and spatial visualizations for print and online use. It is designed for people with no or little prior experience in map making. If you bring your ideas and projects, we can build on this. The topics covered will follow the interests of the participants, like creating topographic and thematic maps (e.g. choropleths, heatmaps, diagrams), map series (atlas function), data driven visualization, symbolization and labelling as well as basic cartographic principles (colours, projections etc.).

Schedule: The workshop starts at 10 am. After a lunch break, the workshop continues until 4 pm. There is an open consultation hour until 5 pm where you can ask questions about your project/map.

Lecturer: Daniel Ursprung, researcher at the Department of History at UZH

Workshop language: English

Target audience: Interested people from research, teaching and the administrative (ATP*) staff as well as BA/MA/PhD students of UZH (*administratives und technisches Personal)

Prerequisite: Bring your own device with a working installation of QGIS Desktop (preferably the newest LTR version: 3.38 ‘Prizren’, no older than 3.34): You do not need any previous knowledge of QGIS, as the course is well suited for beginners.

Venue: Rämistrasse 69, 8001 Zurich, SOC-E-006 – Room “Schrödinger”


Registration deadline: 27 September 2024

Contact: For questions concerning the content of the course, write to Daniel Ursprung (, for questions related to administration contact Katia Soland (


September 30
10:00 - 17:00


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Raum Schrödinger
Rämistrasse 69
Zürich, 8001 Switzerland
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